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What are the reasons for frequent circuit trips at home? How to deal with?
- May 20, 2018 -

In our daily life, electricity is essential. In the process of use, we occasionally experience a sudden power failure due to a trip. What causes the trip? What are the solutions? Let's take a brief look at it below.

Circuit trips are generally divided into overload, leakage, and short circuit.

1. Under what circumstances will cause overload? Our home air circuit breakers all have a certain amount of capacity. Over rated capacity is called overload. If the leakage protector's capacity is 16A, then the total power calculated with household electricity 220V must not exceed 3500W, assuming that this is the outlet power for controlling the kitchen, which is almost equal to the capacity of an induction cooker (2000W) + an electric water heater (1500W). If there are other appliances using the kitchen socket at the same time, it will cause an overload trip. Due to the overload trip, it is usually empty but the black jump switch is on.

The solution is, do not use high-power electrical appliances at the same time or replace the large-capacity air-opening, and at the same time, match the wires that match the reversal.

2. What to do if there is a leakage trip?

If the white switch on the side of the tripper jumps at the same time, it can be considered that the trip is caused by the leakage. When an electrical leakage trip occurs, the open air cannot be pushed up. At this time, all the plugs on this line are unplugged, and the open circuit is pushed (some leakage protectors need to press a small square point above to push). Push it up and then plug in the plugs one at a time while observing the air-opening. The leakage protector will trip when plugged into the leakage appliance. The explanation is that there is a problem with this appliance.

If all the plugs are unplugged or cannot be pushed up, it may be because the line insulation is not good enough to cause leakage or the leakage protector is broken. Only the electrician can be found.

3. The short circuit trip is a short circuit between the live line and the neutral line. When the short circuit occurs, the current will be instantaneously infinite. The empty conference will explode like a firecracker. After the short circuit, 80% of the air is empty and open. But tripping is not just jumping on this one leakage protector. Usually two or three air gaps will be jumped off, that is, all the electricity in the home will be gone. Short circuit is generally due to aging of the line.

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