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Three-phase meter nameplate on the technical parameters how to look?
- May 20, 2018 -

Electricity meter is a must-have item for every household, so how much do you know about the unit of measurement? The following let Xiaobian explain briefly ~


Active Watt-hour meter kW · h (commonly known as degree 1kw. h = 3.6 × 10 6th power is numerically representative of the power consumption of the 1kw power consumer operating 1h)

Reactive energy meter kW·h

Word Wheel Register Window (Liquid Crystal Display Window)

Integral and decimal digits have different colors, with an intermediate decimal point; each character wheel has a multiplication coefficient (without a decimal point). The multi-function LCD has integer and decimal digits.

level of accuracy:

Relative error, represented by a number placed inside a circle

Calibration current and rated maximum current:

Calibration current (rated current): Base current value shown on the table as the calculated load: I b

Rated maximum current: The meter can work normally for a long time. The error and temperature rise fully meet the requirements of the maximum current value: Imax

Rated voltage:

Single-phase energy meter annotation: 220V

There are three types of labels for three-phase meters:

a.Directly connected three-phase three-wire: 3×380V

b. direct access type three-phase four-wire: 3 × 380/220V

Watt-hour meter constant: The ratio of the energy recorded on the meter to the number of revolutions or pulses of the dial: r/kWh; imp/kWh

Rated frequency: 50Hz

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