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With Buffer Storage And Intelligence
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Concentrator is the central management device and control device of the remote centralized meter reading system. It is responsible for reading terminal data, system command transmission, data communication, network management, event recording, and horizontal data transmission.

A concentrator device is a central point of attachment device that connects a terminal, a computer, or a communication device. It becomes the convergence point of the cable. In several terminal dense areas, it is common to reduce the communication line by first connecting the terminal to the concentrator and then connecting the concentrator to the communication controller of the computer via a high-speed line, so that the concentrator also shares the line and improves the utilization of the line An effective device.

With the function of statistical time division multiplexer, it can smooth the data flow input by each terminal. With buffer memory and intelligence ability, when the concentrator is overloaded, it can input information to buffer and queue. With communication control software, Perform multiplexing and tapping of data streams, and enforce transmission control procedures. Enhance the signal function.

The use of concentrator HUB connected into a large LAN, can form a large conflict domain, the system's total throughput decreased the most:

The network type of each segment connected to the concentrator working at the physical layer must be the same, and because the HUB is a relay system that does not perform frame buffering, the network transmission rate to which it is connected must be the same;

After using HUB to connect into a local area network, the number of nodes in the network and the maximum transmission distance between nodes are also limited by the specific Ethernet technology.