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The Real Purpose Of Saving Energy
- Feb 02, 2018 -

At present, the intelligent building energy management system (Energy Management System for Intelligent Building) by the construction equipment management system (BAS system) to achieve. The BAS system can optimize the management of power, lighting, air conditioning and other equipment according to pre-arranged time program, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. In the project, the following energy saving measures are usually adopted:

1) Timing Law: start and stop the control equipment on time according to the working schedule of the building, such as fan, lighting and so on.

2) temperature - time delay method: According to the building to maintain the delay of the temperature, early closure of air-conditioning host or boiler to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

3) Adjust the water temperature: adjust the water temperature of the air-conditioning system according to the actual indoor and outdoor temperature, set the appropriate water temperature to reduce over-operation of the system host to save energy.

4) Economic operation method: When the outdoor temperature reaches 13 ℃, the outdoor fresh air can be taken as the return air directly; when the outdoor temperature reaches 24 ℃, the outdoor fresh air can be directly sent into the room. In such cases, the system may save energy on the return air system.

5) Equipments and other life-long operation: the building of cold and heat source host, pump, fan and other equipment for alternating time and time to extend the operational life of the equipment, saving maintenance costs.

According to foreign engineering experience, building equipment management system (BAS system) can save about 20% for the new office building. However, according to statistics, less than 10% of the domestic intelligent buildings actually meet the energy-saving target. More than 80% of the intelligent building BAS systems are used only as equipment condition monitoring and automatic control, resulting in a huge waste of investment.

The specific reasons are many, but the root cause is that our country so far has not yet established a set of effective building energy efficiency test methods, and BAS system is not a complete set of engineering products, BAS system engineers need to do the second programming in the field In order to achieve the control function, the system performance is greatly influenced by the human factors of the field engineer. In addition, many intelligent building construction parties and management parties are separated by users, causing few users to really care about how many end users can save energy. In terms of input-output ratio is much. In fact, due to the lack of building energy use models and sophisticated measurement methods, even if users ask the above questions, they can not get accurate data.

Therefore, we need to set up an energy management system in the intelligent building to monitor, analyze and manage the energy efficiency of the building equipment, and establish the energy consumption model of the building so as to realize the goal of energy saving.