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The Nature Of The Power Can Be Divided Into DC And AC
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Meter is the meter, also known as fire meter. When using the meter should be careful, in the low voltage and current, the meter is able to access the circuit. But in the high voltage or high current, the meter should be used with the voltage transformer or current transformer. Direct access to the meter, the load value of electricity in its rating of more than 10%, otherwise the measurement will be incorrect. According to the nature of access to power can be divided into DC and AC. Divided by electric equipment into three-phase meter (three-phase three-phase and three-phase four-wire) and single-phase meter. Household is mostly single-phase watt-hour meter, the rated voltage is 220V. Rated current models are different. According to the principle can be divided into induction and electronic. Induction watt-hour meter production requirements will be higher, you can use a variety of materials. The production of electronic watt-hour meters is lower than that of inductive watt-hour meters, but it shows a rapid upward trend.

In the purchase of the meter should pay attention to, one is the quality of the problem, the meter can be made of a variety of materials, there are good times, some meters may be very cheap, but also means that the materials produced may be very poor , So very cheap quality will not be good. Then there is the purchase of watt-hour meter should pay attention to the power, to calculate the total power of all appliances at home is the number of selected watt-hour meter power than all appliances add up even greater power.