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The Difference Between Smart Meter And Ordinary Meter
- Aug 19, 2018 -

Smart meter is a smart terminal of smart grid. It is not a power meter in the traditional sense. In addition to the metering function of the basic power consumption of traditional electric energy meter, smart meter has two-way multiple in order to adapt to the use of smart grid and new energy. The intelligent metering function, the user-side control function, the two-way data communication function of multiple data transmission modes, the anti-stealing function and other intelligent functions, the smart meter represents the development direction of the future energy-saving smart grid end-user intelligent terminal.


1. No manual meter reading is required, which is conducive to modern management. The use of the IC card meter avoids the inconvenience caused by the manual meter reading to the customer, and the historical power purchase data can be saved for the convenience of the customer.

2, fully embodies the commodity attributes of electricity. By adopting electricity after first buying electricity, customers can purchase electricity and electricity according to their actual needs, and will not delay payment due to arrears and increase unnecessary expenses.

3. Solved the problem of difficult charging. It can solve the problem of the charging of scattered residents, temporary electricity customers and customers who often owe money.

4, IC card meter has a variety of anti-stealing function, small starting current, no creep, wide load, low power consumption, straight error curve, long-term stability, good appearance, small size, light weight, installation Convenience. High accuracy: all-electronic design, built-in imported special chip, the accuracy is not affected by high frequency harmonics of frequency, temperature and voltage.

5, long life: using SMT technology, optimized circuit design, the machine does not need to adjust the circuit after leaving the factory.

6, low power consumption: low power design, reducing grid line loss.

7, pre-purchased electricity; IC card transfer data, to achieve data readback, including: read back the total power, remaining power, the cumulative purchase of electricity in the table, the total number of purchases and other information.

8. Store table constants, initial values, user addresses, names, etc.

9, overload alarm power off, remaining battery alarm, remind users to purchase electricity in a timely manner.

10, technical parameters: the use of long-life base tables, extending the life cycle.

Main features: 1. Alarm function: When the remaining power is less than the alarm power, the meter often displays the remaining power to remind the user to purchase electricity.

2, data protection: data protection uses all solid state integrated circuit technology, data can be maintained for more than 10 years after power off.

3. Power prompt: When the remaining power in the table is equal to the alarm power, the trip will be powered off once. The user needs to insert the IC card to restore the power supply. The user should purchase power in time.

4. Automatic power off: When the remaining power in the energy meter is zero, the energy meter automatically trips and interrupts the power supply. The user should purchase power in time.

5, write back function: the power card can write the user's accumulated power consumption, remaining power, zero-crossing power back to the power sales system for the statistical management of the management department.

6, user sampling function: the electricity sales software can provide data sampling power consumption and provide priority sampling user sequence according to requirements.

7. Power inquiry: Insert the IC card to display the total purchased power, the number of purchased electricity, the last purchased power, the accumulated electricity consumption, and the remaining power.

8, anti-stealing function: one table and one card can not be copied, logical encryption. Effectively prevent technical theft.

9. Overvoltage protection function: When the actual power load exceeds the set value, the meter automatically powers off, inserts the user card, and restores the power supply.

10, low power consumption: the latest design and SMT advanced production process.

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