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Smart Meter Needs To Pay Attention To Correct Operation
- Aug 05, 2018 -

1. The smart meter can only identify the unique card corresponding to it. When the user prepares to insert the card after purchasing the power, it should check whether the meter is their own, so as to avoid the card error. Judging the inspection method from the appliance table: Disconnect the switch in the meter box. If the home is interrupted at this time, the table is proved to be from the appliance list.

    2. After installing the smart meter, the power supply department provides the preset electricity fee for the meter change user. After the power is installed, the power can be started. During this period, the user can go to the power supply company to sell the power grid to handle the account purchase. The preset power will be automatically deducted when the power is first purchased.

    3. After purchasing the power, the user needs to insert the purchase card into the meter to recharge the card. Insert the card slot in the direction indicated by the arrow when inserting the card. To ensure the normal operation of the card, the card insertion time should not be less than 15 seconds. When the meter prompts to read After the card is successful, the card can be removed.

    4. After the smart meter is interrupted, the power meter circuit components are still working, so pay attention to safety. Card insertion should be performed by an adult to prevent electric shock.

    5. The electric card of the smart meter should be kept properly. Do not bend, pollute or soak it. Avoid being in a high temperature and high humidity environment. Keep away from the magnetic field. After the power card is degaussed or lost, it should be reported to the power supply department for replenishment.

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