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Reduce Customer Waiting Time And Improve User Experience
- Feb 02, 2018 -

When I started to understand the Internet of things terminal and nothing new, I feel that is not a data collection terminal, slowly studied, only to understand that it can not only do data acquisition, the role of a big deal yet.

Internet of Things, as a further extension of the Internet, has become an important stage of development for the information age. In 2017, the year of technology adjustment and development of the Internet of Things, the industrial system for Internet of Things has taken initial shape.

As an intelligent hardware, IoT terminals play a very important role in the Internet of Things, and its responsibility is to become a bridge connecting the sensor to the transport network layer. One can connect the sensor network and communication network; two as a data processing device, the agreement between the sensor conversion; three as a management device, remote control and management of the sensor.

Why does the sensor communicate with the network layer? Because the network layer has a great impact on our lives, it can provide us with a solution to the problem. After the sensor data is uploaded, the cloud will form a large amount of data that the computer can excavate, count, analyze and predict. For our life, if the farmers can grasp the soil and the environment humidity and humidity, they can timely irrigation when the crop is in need of water. If the customer grasps the running track and running time of each vehicle, he plans the vehicle arrival time and promptly By bus, if a bus company understands the travel time of its passengers, it can reduce the waiting time and customer experience by increasing the number of vehicles during rush hour.

Internet of things, communications equipment standards vary, which requires the Internet of Things terminal for the appropriate conversion. Front IOT supports the current mainstream sensor and PLC, digital instrumentation and other agreements, a key configuration, plug and play.