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- Mar 03, 2018 -

Energy meter is a kind of measuring instrument which consumes electric energy in the circuit. The emergence and development of watt-hour meters have been more than a hundred years old. With the rapid development of science and technology, watthour meters have evolved from inductive AC watt-hour meters to smart watt-hour meters. The metering accuracy of watthour meters is getting higher and higher, and the stability Better and better, more powerful functions, in modern society, as a smart grid terminal, smart meters have become one of the important topics in the field of electricity today. With the rapid economic growth in our country, the smart watt-hour meter has an important position in our national grid power system and smart grid acquisition system. Especially in recent years, the vigorous development of China's power system and the application of the smart watt-hour meter in our country , And in the process of using high-tech equipment, the application of the project will directly affect the efficiency and quality of our power system in the future.

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