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Improve The Relationship Between Man And Nature
- Feb 05, 2018 -

The Internet of Things makes full use of next-generation IT technology in all walks of life. Specifically, it embeds and equips sensors in power grids, railways, bridges, tunnels, roads, buildings, water supply systems, dams, oil and gas pipelines And then integrate the "Internet of Things" with the existing Internet to realize the integration of human social and physical systems. In this integrated network, there is a super powerful central computer cluster capable of integrating personnel in the network , Machinery, equipment and infrastructure, and on the basis of which human beings can manage their production and life in a more refined and dynamic way, achieve the state of "wisdom", raise the level of resource utilization and productivity, and improve people's The relationship between nature.

There is no doubt that if the "Internet of Things" era, people's daily life will be changed dramatically. However, without regard to the issue of privacy and radiation, the idea of embedding everything in the identification chip now seems unrealistic. People are moving towards the "Internet of Things" era, but this process can take a very long, long time.

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