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How To See The Electric Energy Meter
- Nov 10, 2018 -

There are four ways to see the  Energy Meters:

The first kind: the general direct type single-phase meter and three-phase meter can directly read the digits minus the last reading for this stage of electricity. The direct type meter has a relatively thick feeding line and is carefully observed without transformer connection.

The second one is three-phase ammeter connected by current transformer. There are 10 wiring of the three-phase ammeter. To observe the current ratio of the connected current transformer, the name brand of the current transformer is marked by a number ratio of 5, such as 100/5150/5, etc. The number read on the ammeter multiplied by the current ratio is the quantity measured. Precise and variable loss and line loss should be added.

The third kind: single-phase ammeter measures three-phase electricity. The way of reading electricity is to read the number on the ammeter by multiplying 3 by connecting the ammeter directly. If the ammeter connected by the transformer is to read the number of the ammeter by multiplying the current multiple of the transformer by multiplying 3.

Fourth, smart meters have only one LCD screen. If it is a single-phase, it will directly show the total and residual electricity, and direct reading can be done. If it is an IC card meter, only the light-emitting tube display is a single display card meter. There will be a small red dot on the meter. If the red dot jumps to the total use, it will be the total use. If it jumps to the rest, it will be the surplus.

Double graphics card meter, read above or below. Three-phase prepaid meter direct reading, mutual inductance meter reading multiplied by mutual inductor rate.

Reading of  Energy Meters:

Electric meter, short for electric energy meter, is used to measure electric energy instruments, also known as watt-hour meter, fire meter, electric energy meter, kilowatt hour meter, refers to the measurement of various electrical quantity instruments. For meters, you may feel familiar and strange. Everyone has at least one meter at home.

But many people only know that the meter is an instrument used to measure the number of electricity, and do not know how the meter looks. Therefore, in our real life, we often see some people in conflict with meter-reading workers for several kilowatt-hour electricity, that is, a few dollars, or even refuse to pay the electricity bill.

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