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How Does Energy Meters Work
- Apr 21, 2018 -

In the morning of September 23rd, the Guangdong Dongguan Power Supply Bureau of the Southern Power Grid held the "open day of the power grid - the great action of electric energy meter disclosure" held in the Bureau of metrology. The activities invited 10 groups of relatives and children to walk into the big world of small electric meters and explore the mysteries of the electric meter at zero distance.

It is reported that Dongguan starts to install smart meters from 2016, and will install 1 million 500 thousand smart meters for the public free of charge by the end of 2018. At that time, customers can draw up their own electricity plan according to the current price level and the use of electricity in recent months. The inquiry and payment of electricity charges will be more convenient, simpler and quicker.

Creative energy meter sound Museum

At the scene of the event, the most bright eye is the "electric energy meter sound Museum". The stamy magic cube is on display of different period, different types of representative electric energy meter, each electric energy meter is equipped with a simple and interesting sound story, the multifarious meter knowledge through the lively life of the sound scene transmission . In the activity scene, the reporter learned that the development of the electric energy meter experienced three stages: the stage of mechanical meter, the stage of electronic meter and the stage of intelligent meter. The mechanical watch, also known as induction energy meter, has a history of more than 100 years, almost as long as the history of human electricity. The second stage electronic meter has the function of remote meter reading, the third stage intelligent meter has remote control and charge control function. It can be read to the customer's electricity data remotely through the computer and the collection device. It can effectively improve the working efficiency.

In order to give this activity more fun and educational significance, the scene also set up the power ratio "spelling", the electric meter magic cube, electric energy crossing, power bypass order and other interactive games. Parents have said that interesting games not only strengthen the children's awareness of the meter in entertainment, but also feel the importance of safety and energy conservation and energy conservation.

"Our work is to verify whether the accuracy of the electric energy meter meets the requirements of the country. The whole verification process does not open the seal of the electric energy meter, and does not adjust the electric energy meter." On the day of activity, in the laboratory of single-phase watt hour meter in Metrology Center of Dongguan Power Supply Bureau, the verification staff of the Bureau explained the verification process of the watt hour meter to the public. "After receiving the calibrated meter, we will first check the appearance according to the requirements stipulated in the regulations, such as breakage, nameplate parameters or the defects of the parts, and other problems will be directly judged as unqualified; the electric energy meter after the inspection of the appearance inspection should use the professional meter verification device for automatic verification of measurement performance."

According to the introduction, in addition to the function of measuring electric quantity, the intelligent electric meter which is popularized in Dongguan, in order to adapt to the use of smart grid and new energy, also has the functions of intelligent information storage, multiple rate measurement, anti stealing electricity and other intelligent functions.

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