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How Does A Single Electronic Prepaid Electric Energy Meter Steal Electricity?
- Apr 21, 2018 -

Electric energy meter stealing, this issue is a lot of Internet users, posted this question, you all thought that the State Grid is eating dry rice, as early as in 1996, the single counter electric energy meter began to enter the countryside, when the price of the electric energy meter was dislike, an electric energy meter was 20-40 yuan, the cost of the manufacturer was 5-7 yuan, and the electricity was at that time. The energy meter's design engineers didn't think about preventing electricity stealing. In 2003, the people in Anhui were stealing a lot of electricity, and the power supply bureau returned the electric energy meter to the company.

After the after-sales service, the maintenance personnel opened the discovery that many were modified by the user, and then it was a mess. Later, the State Grid coordinated every meter manufacturer, requiring anti theft function, and then the company came out [single liquid crystal, single rate, single carrier, three Xiang Yejing, three complex rates, three carriers.  Three multi-functional, three terminal] until now, smart meters appeared after 2008.

Pay attention to the user's electricity stealing, must disassemble the electric energy meter, repair the energy meter sampling parameters, the energy meter manufacturer in the energy meter inside, write a open cover test program, the electric energy meter internal circuit board has a button, the electric energy meter cover is mounted, just press the button in the state of conduction, when you open the cover cover, the button is broken. Open state, the electric energy meter internal ATM8ARM processor has a foot detection high level, at this time the energy meter internal opening record will add 1, at this time the alarm lights up at the same time, the buzzer alarm, when the power supply bureau to copy the meter will find someone stealing electricity.

Now the single rate with the anti theft function, the top of the electric energy meter has a burglar seal, the so-called current meter firewall is very reliable, not easy to steal electricity, advise you do not move, 2009-10 of my colleagues help others to steal electricity, the benefits of others, the Power Bureau found, others shook him out, the result was caught a fine of 2 000, after a week's detention, I am an ordinary R & D staff.

Note that the above is purely a study and understanding of electric energy meters, please do not be used for illegal purposes, otherwise the consequences will be conceited.


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