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Household Energy Metering Common Sense
- May 20, 2018 -

1. What should you pay attention to when you increase the power meter?

Answer: The expansion of the electric energy meter should pay attention to whether the indoor line satisfies the design requirements. For example, if a 10(40)A electric energy meter is selected, a copper core insulated conductor with a conductor cross section equal to or more than 6 mm 2 should be used, and if it does not meet this standard, it should be replaced. When housing renovation, it is necessary to consider the increase of home appliances in the future, and the conductor cross-section should be enlarged or set aside for certain loops.


2. Can residents apply for installing a large-capacity energy meter?

A: The single-phase energy meters for general residential use are available in sizes 5(20)A, 10(40)A, and 15(60)A. They can be installed depending on the number of household appliances and the capacity used. Special requirements With a capacity of more than 50A, it is also possible to install a three-phase energy meter, such as a residential house.


3, why the energy meter to be cycled?

A: With the prolonged use of the energy meter, mechanical wear or aging of electronic components may occur, which often results in inaccurate metering. In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement of the energy meter, according to the relevant regulations of the national regulations, it is necessary to remove the energy meter for periodic verification (also known as meter rotation).


4. How do I know if the meter is working properly?

A: If you are using an inductive power meter, look at the meter's aluminum turntable from the front of the meter. It should be turned when you are using electricity, and it should not be turned when you are not using electricity. If you are using an electronic energy meter, look at the indicator on the nameplate of the meter from the front of the meter. When you are using electricity, the indicator should be on and off, and it should be on or off when you are not using electricity. Off. (Without power, it means that you are sure that all appliances in your home have been completely disconnected from the power supply, not in the standby state).

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