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Household Electricity Saving Tips
- Apr 21, 2018 -

1. the use of energy-saving lamps, 11 watts of energy-saving lamps equivalent to 60 watts of incandescent luminance. If 1 billion 200 million energy-saving lamps are replaced in the whole country, the electricity saved is equivalent to the annual electricity output of the Three Gorges hydropower station.

2. installing solar water heaters, installing 2 square meters of solar water heaters in each household can meet the annual hot water demand of 70%.

3., the purchase of low energy appliances, China's energy efficiency labeling of five levels, 1 level indicates that the products reach the international advanced level, the most electricity saving.

4. use the electrical appliance to pull the plug. A TV set will be on standby for 20 hours every day when the power plug is not pulled out. The electricity consumption is about 1 degrees a week, which costs about 48 yuan a year, and costs 29.28 yuan. Nearly 400 million families in the country need to pay 11 billion 712 million yuan (0.61 yuan per kilowatt hour).

5. the air conditioning is 1 centigrade, and the electricity saving is 7%. The research shows that the air conditioning is up to 1 C, and the electricity saving is 7%. Most people feel comfortable at 26 degrees C. It is suggested that the temperature of air conditioning is set at 26 -28 C, and the air conditioning is the most energy-saving in this area.

6. rice is cooked ahead of rice and soaked for ten minutes. Electric rice cooker can be used to cook rice and soak rice in advance. It can save electricity by 10%. According to statistics, the measures can be saved by 4.5 degrees a year.

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