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Effective Correction Of Time Difference And Degree
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Three-phase power meter field meter parameter input operation method:

1. CT ratio: Move the cursor to the CT ratio, such as the use of 5A clamp in the secondary side of the current transformer calibration, then change the ratio of input 1 can be, such as the use of 500A clamp meter to verify low-pressure metering box Error (when the current transformer primary side calibration), then the current transformer input ratio must be the actual ratio, such as the device for the 300A / 5 current transformer, the ratio needs to enter 60.

2. Meter constant: Press the up and down arrow keys to move the cursor to "Meter constant", according to the corresponding digital input can be, such as the meter marked 6000 rpm / kwh, 6000 is the constant set.

3. Check the number of laps: Press the up and down arrow keys to move the cursor to "check the laps," according to the meter rotation speed is set to 0-99 laps, meter slow rotation can choose 2-5 laps, meter rotation Quickly choose 5-10 laps. Set the number of laps should be made twice the error data generated at intervals of not less than 10 seconds, or because the calibration time is too short, the error value of the larger bounce;

4. Calibration method: Press the up and down arrow keys to move the cursor to "calibration mode", the number 0 is the calibration of active energy meter, press 1 to verify the reactive energy meter.

5. Pulse mode: Pulse There are two ways, according to the digital 0 for the optical pulse count, press the number 1 for manual pulse counting. The general choice of optical pulse count.