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Cost-effectiveness, Intelligence And Reliability
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The rail watthour meter integrates a high-precision metrology unit module and an 8052 MCU and its peripheral modules. The metrological module has high metering accuracy and can measure the current and voltage RMS of each phase, the phases and total active, reactive and grid frequencies, etc. Operating parameters, overload multiple. On-chip MCU 8052 with 16K FLASH and 512BRAM and a variety of peripheral modules, low-power temperature compensation on-chip RTC module, LCD driver module, power management module, SPI / I2C interface module and UART communication module.

Rail meter design fully considered the structure of miniaturization, cost-effectiveness, intelligence and reliability, has the following characteristics:

1, measuring total active energy, reverse total energy.

2, optional time-sharing multi-rate energy metering function.

3, support RS485 communication interface, communication protocol optional (MODBUS-RTU or DL / T645 protocol), with electrical energy pulse output.

4, the current access, secondary access can be, the voltage signal power supply, do not need auxiliary power supply.

5, small size, the width of the multiples of 18mm, with the perfect combination of miniature circuit breakers, with anti-stealing lead.

6, DIN35mm standard rail installation, easy to put all kinds of lighting boxes and lighting cabinet.

7,7 wide temperature LCD display, wheel display.