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With small size, high precision, good reliability
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Rail meter with LCD display, measurement of electrical energy and other electrical parameters, clocks, tariffs and other parameters can be set, and with the power pulse output. Available RS485 communication interface and the host computer to achieve data exchange. The company is located in:

The energy meter installed on the rail electric energy meter has the advantages of compact size, high precision, good reliability and convenient installation, and the performance indexes conform to the technical requirements of the electric energy meter of the national standard GB / T 17215, GB / T 17883 and the power industry standard DL / T614 , Applicable to government agencies and large public buildings in the measurement of electrical energy, can also be used for enterprises and institutions for energy management assessment.

Rail energy meter design principles:

Rail single-phase multi-rate watt-hour meter using ADI's latest technology ADE7169F16 single-chip system-on-chip design completed. The ADE7169 integrates a high-precision metrology unit module and an 8052 MCU and its peripheral modules. The metrological module has high metering accuracy and can measure the operating parameters of each phase current, voltage RMS, each phase and the total active power, reactive power, grid frequency , Overload big. On-chip 8052 MCU with 16K FLASH and 512B RAM and a variety of peripheral modules to support low-power temperature compensation on-chip RTC module, LCD driver module, power management module, SPI / I2C interface module and UART communication module, with a ADE7169 will be able to achieve single-phase multi-rate watt-hour meter design.

Rail three-phase electronic multi-rate watt-hour meter with measurement chip ATT7030A and 8-bit microcontroller M68HC908LJ12 achieve. The principle is: the real-time voltage and current in the line are coupled by the high-precision transformer, the sampling circuits are respectively sampled and sent to the ATT7030A chip (the A / D converter is converted into a digital signal, which is output through the on-chip dedicated DSP operation Pulse), sent to the MCU by pulse, and according to pre-set time to complete the time-sharing active, reactive power measurement and maximum demand calculation, respectively, to make the corresponding treatment, and stored in EEPROM; at the same time to achieve display and output, RS485 serial data transmission.