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With high sensitivity, stability, long life
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Detection alarm by the controller, detectors, signal cables and other components, the product by the National Fire Electronic Products Testing Center of qualified inspection; detection components within the detector using imported gas sensors, with high sensitivity, stability, long life, Low power consumption advantages.

1. Adopt double hbus four bus communication interface, can transmit 1,500 meters without repeaters;

2. Arm and avr dual-processor design framework, faster response, more stable operation;

3. Perfect alarm limit setting, can be any address range or any type of detection alarm were early warning, low alarm, high alarm three alarm settings;

4. Remote detection alarm span correction, zero adjustment, to avoid the use of large gas distribution equipment for field calibration; 5. Anti-rfi / emi interference;

6. Configurable input and output modules for easy remote logic control and system integration

7. Bus protection, automatic bus short circuit protection;

8. It has a large capacity data storage, fault records can be stored partition, alarm records, switch machine records and event records;

9. Provide two multi-function output communication interface (com1, com2), enabling detection alarm interconnection, tcp / ip interface, and the host computer to communicate and connect the micro-printer;

10. Fully modular system design to facilitate the commissioning and maintenance of large systems;

11. Using lcd LCD, built-in numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and Chinese Pinyin input method, you can set the detection alarm on the installation address name;

12. Can be used for three-wire sub-line equipment transformation;

13. List, curve, three columnar display;