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The more applications that you carry, the greater the benefits
- Feb 02, 2018 -

With the full deployment of smart cities and the development of smart, perceptual and interconnected cities, more and more fragmented terminals in cities require low-power and long-distance transmission access networks. The emergence of low-power and long-distance network technologies represented by LoRa has the opportunity to break the bottleneck in the Internet of Things and promote the end-to-end cost reduction of the Internet of Things, which has detonated the large-scale application of Internet of Things.

LoRa's Sub-GHz based frequency band makes it easier to communicate with lower power consumption over long distances, battery-powered or other energy harvesting; lower data rates also extend battery life and increase network capacity. The LoRa signal is also very penetrating to the building. These technical features of LoRa are more suitable for low-cost large-scale IoT deployment.

The CLAA Network promotes an open, closed-loop, co-hosted operating model that makes CLAA coalition members network builders, operators, users and application developers alike. Through the operation of the CLAA network, the Internet of Things truly enters the production and livelihood of the people. Through low-cost, flexible IoT deployment, combined with cloud data platform for pan-awareness. IoT information can be widely accessed and managed intelligently in an orderly manner to allow all citizens to share the value of IoT data. Large, medium and small sized customers and partners can benefit from the application and operation of the CLAA network. The larger the network deployment, the more applications it carries, the greater the revenue.

From the perspective of vertical industry application, there are currently many solutions based on LoRa-based smart parks, industries, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, energy and smart cities. Many programs already have the foundation for landing and large-scale replication. These make LoRa The scale of the domestic laid the foundation for popularization.