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Meet the needs of the industry, the formation of technological innovation
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The rapid rise of the Internet of Things in China benefits from several major advantages of China in the Internet of Things. First, as early as 1999, China started researching the technology of core sensor network of the Internet of Things (IoT), and its research and development level is at the forefront of the world. Second, in the field of sensor networks in the world, China is one of the leading standards countries with a high patent ownership rate. The third , And our country is one of the countries that can realize the complete industrial chain of the Internet of Things. Fourthly, the wireless communication network and high broadband coverage in our country provide a solid foundation for the development of the Internet of Things. Fifthly, China has become the second largest in the world Large economy, a more solid economic strength to support the development of things.

China will take four major measures to support telecom operators to launch IOT technology innovation and application. These measures include:

1. Break through the key core technologies of IoT to achieve technological innovation. In combination with the characteristics of IoT, R & D and popularization and application of technologies in the breakthrough of key common technologies will be stepped up. R & D and public service platform construction of IoT technology solutions in industries and fields will be strengthened. Application and technology will be used as a breakthrough in application innovation.

2. Develop China's IOT development plan, a comprehensive layout. Focus on the development of high-end sensors, MEMS, smart sensors and sensor network nodes, sensor gateways; UHF RFID, active RFID and RFID middleware industries, focusing on the development of things and equipment related to Internet of Things and software and information services.

3. Promote the typical Internet of Things application demonstration, drive development. Through the application of guidance and technology research and development of interactive development, driving the Internet of Things industrial development. Focus on building a sensor network in public services and key industries typical application demonstration project, to establish application-driven development mode of the industry, to eliminate the bottleneck restricting the development of the scale of the sensor network. Depth development of IoT to collect information resources to enhance the overall value of IoT application process industry chain.

4. To strengthen the Internet of Things international and domestic standards, protection of development. Do top-level design to meet the needs of industry, the formation of technological innovation, standards and intellectual property coordination and interaction mechanism. For key business applications, strengthen research on key technologies, and establish standard service platforms such as standard verification, testing and simulation, and accelerate the formulation, implementation and application of key standards. Actively participate in the formulation of international standards, integrate domestic research forces to form a joint force, and promote domestic research achievements in independent innovation to the international community.

Internet of Things security and Internet security issues, will always be a topic of widespread concern. Because the IoT is mainly connected to and processed by machines and objects and related data, its "ownership" feature results in higher information security requirements for the Internet of Things (IoT) than the "text-based" Internet and "Privacy" Protection requirements are also higher (as noted in the ITU IoT report), as well as Trust issues, including "security" and Denial of Services (eavesdropping, etc.) Means) to invade the system, rendering the real end unusable, etc.), many of whom have called for special attention to the security of the Internet of Things.