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Improve the accuracy and reliability of the entire metering device
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Single-phase electronic watt-hour meter through the user supply voltage and current real-time sampling, using a dedicated energy meter integrated circuit, the sampling voltage and current signals are processed, and multiplied and converted into electrical energy proportional to the pulse output, through the meter Physical or mechanical devices displayed on the digital display. This meter powerful, easy to spread, an electronic meter is equivalent to a few inductive power meters, such as a full-featured electronic multi-function table is equivalent to two positive active table, and can achieve time-sharing Measurement, automatic reading of data and other functions, while reducing the amount of the meter, effectively reducing the pressure drop of the secondary circuit to enhance the accuracy and reliability of the entire metering device.

Now there are many types of watt-hour meters on the market, including the rail-type watt-hour meter, three-phase electronic watt-hour meter, etc. Consumers can choose according to the specific use requirements. Electronic energy meter start current smaller, and the error curve is flat, a wide range of frequency response, inductive energy meter is based on the principle of moving into the magnetic field measurement, so the external magnetic field on the metering performance of a large impact, The electronic watt-hour meter mainly rely on the multiplier operation, measurement performance by the impact of external magnetic field smaller, easy to install and use, overload capacity, anti-eavesdropping ability to more.