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Avoid shaking the instrument frequently or breaking the instrument
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Energy meter can measure the spectral range of 250-410 nm, the best sensing peak spectral output of 330 nm. The amount of additional incident light when exposed to the exposure cycle, the relative value is taken into account.

Due to irregular radiation distribution of the light source, different manufacturers have different structural designs. So under the same measurement conditions, different readings may occur.

1. Please do not shake the instrument frequently or break the instrument;

2. Each measurement is completed, please promptly shut down the instrument and put it back in the box for safekeeping;

3. Electromagnetic energy meter in the measurement, please do not look directly at the UV light source, to avoid exposed skin by strong light radiation;

4 measurement, please avoid the front of the instrument directly to the LCD screen in high light or high-heat environment

Each time the energy meter is used, set the instrument's switch to the "ON" position with the "ON" position on the LCD. The reading displayed on the LCD shows "0" mj / cm2 (millijoules per square centimeter), if not for special purposes Before each measurement, the readings to zero.

If your process special needs, but also can be measured repeatedly, after each measurement readings, do not need to zero processing, then the instrument last displayed readings will be repeated measurements of the cumulative value.